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Why Is Abuse Of Prescription Medication A Problem In US?


Abuse of Prescription MedicationAbuse of prescription meds is a major cause of concern for US government. As per law, the majority of medicines are available only on doctor’s script. However, the illegal supply of drugs, especially through the online pharmacies, is encouraging the recreational use of these prescription. It is always a question that can we buy drugs without prescription legally as these meds are those drugs which should not be available without a Rx from a qualified doctor. The requirement of these medicines is assessed by the doctors and their use is valid. But there are a number of internet stores which offer buying medication online without Rx.

Which prescription meds are used for abuse?

The drug abuse can be explained by the use of drugs (which are usually available only with the Rx), without indication and in doses which are not indicated by the doctors. Usually, the pills which are having their effect on the mood are abused. The typical examples are opioids (like Fentanil, Hydrocodone, Propoxyphene, Oxymorphone, Oxycodone, Meperidine etc.), Central Nervous System depressants (like Diazepam, Alprazolam etc.) and stimulants (like Dextroamphetamine, Amphetamine, and Methylphenidate).

Why are prescription meds harmful when abused?

All the drugs are harmful if taken inappropriately. The adverse effects of these drugs are common and may also cause the death of a person! Many of them can cause physical as well as mental dependence. The drug abuse can significantly lower the ability of an individual to work efficiently. Once you are dependent on these, it will require long tiresome and difficult de-addiction process to treat the dependence.

How prescription meds are being abused?

There are multiple ways a person can abuse prescription medicine.

Most commonly people tend to use the drugs which are prescribed to their relatives or friends who have medication for a valid reason. Without knowing the adverse effects of these drugs, they create great danger for themselves by taking drugs intended for other persons.

Another method by which these are abused is using them in higher amount or inappropriate way. A tablet which is supposed to be taken by swallowing as a whole is crushed and snorted or injected through veins. This will produce the immediate and enhanced effect of the drug. Taking higher than recommended doses is also harmful.

The medicines can be abused by taking them for wrong reasons. For example, Adderall contains a combination of two stimulant drugs, which is used for the treatment of ADHD. However, due to their mood-elevating effect, many people are using it for getting high!

Is prescription med abuse a cause of concern for the US?

Let us just reflect on the below data. Prescription drugs and over the counter medicines are third most commonly used substance for abuse! An interesting survey revealed that one in a dozen high school students uses medicines like Vicodin (a pain relief) without Rx and indication. At the moment, at least 52 million people are using medicines as the substance of abuse. These figures are alarming and worrying! Therefore, it is no surprise to see that abuse of prescription meds is a cause of concern!

There is a need for increasing the awareness to control this silent epidemic.