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Getting Pain Relief Through Grenada Nutmeg Oil (GNO)
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GNO-US is the premier United States (US) distributor of W&W Spices Grenada Nutmeg Oil (GNO). GNO is made from the Grenada nutmeg seed on the island of Grenada, a major world supplier of nutmeg, by W& W Spices, Ltd. Indonesia and Grenada represent approximately 90% of total world production of nutmeg.

Technology advancements, combined with Grenada's high-quality raw materials, enable W&W Spices, Ltd to produce nutmeg products that exceed international quality standards. W&W Spices developed two over-the-counter drugs from the Grenada’s main agricultural crop, nutmeg. W&W Spices successfully registered the two non-prescription drugs with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has also filed for patent protection and has trademarked the brand name GNO, which stands for Grenada Nutmeg Oil.

These historic new Grenadian pharmaceutical drugs are 100-percent natural and organic and they compete directly with products like Bengay and Icy Hot, two established OTC drugs made mainly with synthetic chemicals.

Trimyristin, Myristic Acid and Myristyl Alcohol - Nutmeg By-Products
The isolation of Trimyristin is created from the remains of nutmeg after nutmeg oil has been removed by steam distillation.

Trimyristin is used in the production of Myristic Acid and Myristyl Alcohol splitting this fat. Myristic acid and derivatives of this C14 fatty acid play crucial roles in the cosmetic industry.  Isopropyl myristate and myristyl lactate are active ingredients found in cosmetics.

Not only are Nutmeg By-Products used in the cosmetic industry, but the United Nations reports that there is a large potential market for Trimyristin as a raw material for the soap and oleochemical industries.

If you have a need or a strong interest in Nutmeg By-Products, please contact GNO-US for more information–

Joint Venture Opportunities
GNO-US is interested in joint venturing by supplying Industry needs with Trimyristin as a source of C14 myristic acid and myristyl alcohol.

If you have a joint venture opportunity that you would like to discuss with us please contact us at